Accessories  > Extra battery adapter with battery charge status




The price of every lamp includes battery adapter with a battery charge status
(or D-Tap cable), but it can be ordered also separately.

Charge status
activates by pressing the button on the back of the battery adapter.




·        Battery charge status works only with 7,2V-7,4V rated voltage Li-Ion batteries.

·        Connecting higher voltage will damage the charge status.





All the red LEDs are blinking

The battery is charged to
dangerously high voltage
(unsafe to the battery)

All the red LEDs lit continuously

100% battery charge

Three red LEDs lit continuously

80% battery charge

Two red LEDs lit continuously

60% battery charge

One red LED lit continuously

40% battery charge

None of the red LEDs lit

About 20% battery charge
(time to change the battery)

One (the lowest) red LED blinks

Too low battery voltage
(unsafe to the battery)







29 €